How to arrange the disposal of your food waste

CorrBoard Bioenergy offers the unique opportunity for food and drinks producers to dispose of their waste material, with zero landfill, whilst, simultaneously, transforming  it into renewable energy which can be used to create the raw material for their next generation of products.   

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1. Contact CorrBoard Bioenergy
Fill out the form on this page and send it to us. 

2. Our response
CorrBoard Bioenergy’s response will be within a maximum of 48-72 hours of receipt confirming the following:
  • Disposal costs or rebates paid for the waste.
  • When the waste will either be collected or a convenient date for delivery.
  • If the waste is being collected by CorrBoard Bioenergy, then this will be done, if convenient, within a maximum of 48-72 hours from the time of the email response.
  • Next steps on how to acquire carbon neutral corrugated sheet board for the next generation of packaging
3. Disposal
Food waste is disposed of within 48 hours of arrival on site. 

4. Destruction Certificate is generated
A Certificate of Secure Destruction is generated by email containing specific information as required by the customer. This can be as detailed as needed i.e. for a full load of 26 pallets or a single pallet.  

Completion of relevant permits may be required. This is a one-time process, required when the first consignment of waste is sent for destruction.

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